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2018 Target Project


J-006-Kids Trycle

J020-2-Doll Buggy
New Umbrella Tandem
 Baby Jogger(Buggy)
14.Kid ECar 15.HighChair
16.Bouncer 17.Booster
18.Carrier 19.DogBuggy
20.Other1 21.Other2

J-009-Tandem Buggy

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J-011-YoYo Pet
J-012 Baby Bag
Product categories:  

1.Baby young child products: high landscape, umbrella baby cart, children's car seats, baby cradle chair, swing, learn driving, buggies, prams, pushchair, baby gear, baby jogger,eat desk and highchair, baby bed and bed nets, fluid bed, toddler belt, sleeping bags, sling, children's swimming products, small children's amusement equipment, shopping cart.

2.Kids Ride on: baby carrier is a large category of children's toys, including children's bicycle, children's cart, baby walker, children bike, walk the Eva artifact tricycle, scooter, children tricycle, four-wheel frog scooter, wag of joy, cool slip drift cars, children's electric cars class, joining the scooter a variety of business model "of" the whole shop output freely adjustable exchange without middlemen to earn price difference! Join the scooter ET folded car balance of + + + drift car instead of walking car + unicycle + Harley! The heat made! .

3.Maternal and child supplies commonly: infant feeding, maternal supplies, baby bottles, baby, quilt, diaper pads, diapers, baby clothes, baby food, shampoo, swimming laps, baby products yuexiang, lifestyle from books, baby supplies books.

4.Early childhood home products: pre-school play instructive and wisdom, support the child potential development, professional early childhood family products.. On parenting all aspects of life.

5.Electrical and electronic categories: bottle sterilization pot, warm milk, milk modulator, digital thermometer, bath water temperature meter, optical cruet, constant temperature bowl, room temperature and humidity meter, ultraviolet disinfection lamp, milk powder, vacuum preservation.

6.Pet Dog/Cat products: pet dog -cat -rabbit Stroller, pet beds, pet clothes, pet bag, cat, dog cleaning products, such as dog food, cat food, pet adoption, the pet market, dedicated to pet stores, pet chain, pet supplies wholesale, pet supplies store chain, pet hospital, pet grooming area, has been committed to help keep the pet's own health, beauty and longevity.

7.Toy-Gift : toys doll stroller, doll bed, music electronic pronunciation learning toys. Above, etc., products are mainly sold to Europe, America, southeast, Asia and all over the world, more own patent brand JUMELLOS marketing in China.


The main Baby Stroller ,Pram ,Gear ,Carriage ,Car Sea ,Pushchair,Jogger.. product. 


The main Pet Dog AND Cat Stroller,Bed,Carrier,..product.


The main Toy,KidsRide,Bed,Tricycle,Scooter,Walker,Bouncer,Playpen,Highchair..product.


The main Baby Stroller ,Pram ,Gear ,Carriage ,Car Sea ,Pushchair... product Images 




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